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think better. feel better.

make better choices.

Is anxiety overwhelming you?

Do you feel paralyzed in fear, unable to move forward in life?

Ignoring it does not make it go away. Tolerating stress drains your mental, emotional and physical energy.

What if instead of coping, you dealt with it once and for all? Can you imagine what your life would look like if anxiety was out of your head and heart?

The Mind Restored Life is an Anxiety Recovery Program that guides you out of fear-based thinking & behaving and brings you into a life of restorative health & peace.

It's time to take hold of a life of resilient thinking, feeling and relating to others. Mental and emotional health is within your reach!


Hi, I’m Cathy

Mind Health Coach

For most of my life I lived under the control of anxious thoughts and feelings, robbing me of health and keeping me from experiencing the simple joys in life. My longing for freedom led me on a journey to find relief, and my discoveries transformed the quality of my life and relationships.

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Introducing the
Mind Restored Life

Change your mind. Change your life.

It all begins in your thoughts. When you sense a threat, your brain signals your body to prepare itself to fight or flee. An anxious mind can distort our thoughts and experiences in a way that hinders and even destroys our relationships, our health and self-worth. You are not created to live like this, and many factors contribute to this formation. Together we will explore these triggers and replace them with positive, life-giving thoughts grounded in God's truth.


The Mind Restored Life trains your mind to think right so you can respond right, especially in the heat of crisis. This recovery plan will free your mind and heart from anxiety by changing the direction of your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Isn't it time for you to function at your fullest potential without anxiety getting in the way? 



For the first time, I was presented with actionable and doable steps that aided in the transformation

of my thinking.

I achieved a greater kind of peace in the absence

of anxiety.


Cathy was able to draw out

the knots, the hurts, the stuck places, and the deep soul wounds that needed

loving air to heal.

The personal investment of time, effort, thoughtfulness and tears put into working with Cathy is beyond measure.

It's time. Do it!


I appreciate how much extra effort behind the scenes that Cathy put into our time together.


Her high degree of compassion and grace allowed her to better empathize with my struggles .

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Littleton, CO

Gunnison, CO


Get in Touch


                  Phone. 303.815.7526

Schedule a free 25 min session with me.

I will answer any Qs about

the Mind Restored Life Program and

what working with me looks like.

I would be honored to be your guide

on this journey to peace & true freedom.

                           -Cathy Tetamore

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